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About Us

Lead, Development, Innovation
are always consistent orientation for Tong Li to persist in all the way.

Tong Li Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Air Cooled Radiator, Fin CondenserWe have aims to develop and to be the leading brand in air cooler machinery business. Following the General Manager, Mr. Chou Guan-Ying who is experienced in innovative designs and development of air cooled condenser in efforts, our team owns over 10 product design patents for domestic and overseas markets. Tong Li likes to be in leading air cooled condenser manufacturer in  this field, when converting a large share in air cooling radiator made in China in current markets to ours by constantly enhancing machinery air cooler durability against working pressure as well as heat transfer performance.

Excellent Quality

As an expert air cooler supplier, Tong Li always brings fin condenser in the best quality to customers most satisfactory by understanding customers’ demands from product designing, dealing orders with them, putting on production run with most strict production flow process and 100% quality control.

Professional Team

Tong Li has complete facilities to manufacture the best production through consistent production process from product designs,Tong Li is the only machine cooling systems manufacturer who insists on the whole process to be completed in Taiwan. development to finished production by much experienced professional team.


We always think about all for customers, even more than they think about.